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AI to Reduce Wealth Inequality Created by…AI

Ninety-nine percent of us are providing the data to make the richest people in the world fabulously wealthy. And this inequality is growing. An increasing reason is technology: a winner-take-all market is emerging around massive data stores (Cambridge Analytica claimed to have 5,000 data points on each person in a database containing millions of voters),…
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How technology can save us: perspectives from outside of the bubble

As we approach the second decade of this century, it is time for those of us who seek to advance—and profit from advancing—our most powerful technologies to begin to imagine and develop them with an element of compassion. We must achieve innovation while preserving responsibility towards the greater good. This will only happen if we…
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Shifting at the Edge: Gandhi, AI, and Beyond

Gandhi predicted that both capitalism and communism would eventually fail.[1] He proposed a third system, called trusteeship,[2] which held tremendous promise. Yet today’s world is much more complex than the one that Gandhi inhabited, and so we need new technologies to navigate the maze of the complex adaptive system that characterizes our cultural, economic, and…
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